14,000+ Irish Graveyard & Gravestone photos

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Thank you for visiting janelyons2000.wordpress.com. All posts have been transferred to from-ireland.net/blog. From-Ireland.net features 54,644 Gravestone records, 43,120 Griffith’s Primary Valuation entries, 19,609 1901 Census entries, 18,945 Birth records, 16,770 Gravestone Photographs uploaded, 16,407 Marriage records, 13,053 1931 Trade Directory entries 11,353 Death records, 7,721 1820 Dublin Directory entries, and 2,091 Lewis Topographical Dictionary entries. ALL CONTENT IS FREE.

From-Ireland.net ContentGravestone recordsgravestone photographsGriffith’s Primary Valuation, 1901 CensusBirth recordsMarriage recordsDeath records1931 Trade Directory1820 Dublin DirectoryLewis’ Topographical Dictionary.

Dr. Jane Lyons,

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One Response to 14,000+ Irish Graveyard & Gravestone photos

  1. Thanks in advance says:

    Was hoping to find more information about Edward Joseph Shelly of Portlaoise. He was the son of Denis Michael Shelly. Unsure on when he died or his spouse’s name (her maiden name might have been Conroy). Any information you might have would be massively appreciated.

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