Time & Gravestones….finding families

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Dr. Jane Lyons,

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2 Responses to Time & Gravestones….finding families

  1. Betty McGrory says:

    Thank you so much for all this work. I have been looking for info about the families of my maternal grandparents, Hugh Cassion (Cashin) and Mary Josephine Doran, both of whom were from M0untrath. While looking at pictures of Camross Friary gravestones, I did find Cashin and Doran, but could not read older ones (not sure my family would have had money for a headstone anyway). But I did find a Con Cahalane, whose wife, Molly, was a cousin to my grandfather. She passed away in Ireland about 2009, so her name was not on the stone. Both my grandparents died in th US, grandfather in 1948 and grandmother in 1988 @ 100 years old. I will pass this info to my brother who will be visiting Ireland at the end of this month. Thank you again! You have given me a wonderfull Mother’s Day here in the USA (Philadelphia area)

  2. Sharon Devine says:

    I just came across you site. Well done on all your hard work!
    I just wondered if you have photographed Ferrybank graveyard or St. Johns Hill graveyard in Co. Waterford yet?
    Keep up the good work, people may not leave posts but its a great help what you do.
    Kindest regards
    Sharon Devine

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